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In order to be the best that we can be, we must tap into resources and implement what we have learned. Here are a few resources that I think are helpful to our industry.

NAEYC. (2009). Developmentally appropriate practice in early childhood programs serving children from birth through age 8. Retrieved May 26, 2010, from


How to Manage Your Early Childhood Classroom is a reference book that I find to be helpful when not only managing the ECE classroom, but also when managing a child care center. The information contained in the book is helpful and gives ideas on various ECE topics. If you are a teacher or director, you should look into this resource.

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Online Training

Early childhood educators must keep themselves up to date on topics relate to the industry. We are able to do so by completing continuing education workshops and trainings. Here is a resource that I find very convenient for teachers and educators in our field. Visit . This is an online training company that offers various topics that are related to early childhood education. There’s a map on the website where individual are able to select the courses that are approved based on the state that they live in.


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Words of Inspiration and Motivation

Sue Bredekamp, Ph.D  – from the childcare sector of Early Childhood Education

  • was the director of accreditation and professional development for NAEYC
  • help revise statement on Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP) in Early Childhood Programs.

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Lillian Katz, Ph.D – from the Public Early Childhood Education sector of Early Childhood Educations

  • introduced the four Developmental Stages of Teaching and co- directed the project approach for learning.

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Here are some of my favorite children’s books. Children love the rhyming words and the expressions that are used when a teacher reads. The Llama, Llama series addresses day to day feelings and ways for children to deal with their feelings. Character development and social skills are the topic of Little Blue Truck. The rhyming words immediate draw the children into the story. Little Blue Truck gets stuck in the mud and a big truck comes along to help him. The animals in the story work together to help the Little Blue Truck out of the mud. It’s a story that captures the attention of the children. Both of these series of books are printed in paperback and cardboard so that they are able to be used by children of all ages. What a wonderful way to teach the little ones!

Frenchette Rosemond: “Everyone smiles in the same language”


 “Everyone smiles in the same language.”

Children should be exposed to a positive atmosphere. Early Childhood Educators should use every opportunity as a time to teach. With this in mind, children create many of the opportunities throughout the course of the day. Answer questions at their eye level so that they are able to make eye contact and then smile. “You can light up a room just by smiling.”