Codes of Ethics


Here are a few Codes of Ethics that are meaningful to me. The first are from NAEYC.


“I-1.3—To recognize and respect the unique qualities, abilities, and potential of each child.”

~Each child is a unique individual and should be treat in that manner. Lessons should be implemented in a way that various learning styles are addressed and children with learning disabilities are able to have their needs met.

“-2.5—To respect the dignity and preferences of each family and to make an effort to learn about its struc- ture, culture, language, customs, and beliefs.”

~We have an obligation to respect the diversity of the families that are enrolled in our programs.

Here are the ethical codes from the DEC that I found to be meaningful to my profession.



    “We shall continually be aware of issues challenging the field of early childhood special education and advocate for changes in laws, regulations, and policies leading to improved outcomes and services for young children with disabilities and their families.”

~ As professionals in the Early Childhood field, we have to stay up to date on the issues within the field. This will help improve our programs and will benefit the families that we serve.

7 thoughts on “Codes of Ethics

  1. Hi,
    I agree the ideals you mentioned are important in working with children and families. As we have learned through our education and experience, children and adults grow and develop within the context of relationships, culture, and environments. Each is unique with their own set of qualities, personalities, needs, interests, and abilities. We cannot fully understand the child without considering the culture and environments in which they grow as well as the the various relationships within. It is important that we respect the differences and strive to learn what we can about their family structure, culture, language, customs, values, and beliefs so that we can be effective in helping them to grow and develop positively.


    1. I loved your blog from day one. Everything is so bright and inviting. I am very sure your center reflects your love and passion for your work daily. I can tell that you are in this field to stay and your knowledge and experiences seems to go on and on. I want to encourage you to keep your head and keep up what you doing in the lives of our younger ones.


  2. I agree with each and every ideal that you chose. I have learned that as educators we must stay abreast of new ideas, laws, programs etc.. that are always changing. In order for us to educate others we must continue to educate ourselves. We must show respect, honor, humbleness, dignity, passion and so many other traits in this field. Everyday above ground we should expand our knowledge to people everywhere.


  3. I also think it is important that professionals in our field never forget to recognize and respect the unique qualities, abilities, and potential of each child. It is a continuous challenge of early childhood education to recognize the diversity of learning styles within each classroom. Children are all unique and should be taught in a manner that provides them with the best possible outcomes.


  4. I agree with you completely. I think that as professionals we have a duty to be well informed and take that information to benefit and help the children and families with which we will be able to help. There’s no way we can help them if we don’t understand then and their situations.


    1. I liked the codes of ethics you chose for your blog and especially agree with “-2.5—To respect the dignity and preferences of each family and to make an effort to learn about its structure, culture, language, customs, and beliefs.” I believe it is extremely important for educators to research and understand the culture, customs and beliefs of their students so they have a positive learning experience and are not made to feel different from the other students.

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